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Серж U

Jun 2, 2024

insufficient blocking

The result of your extension's test on - only 99%. Competing products give 100%.

Carole Zucker

May 9, 2024

Adblocker does not work on my computer

I am still getting pop-up ads all the time on my computer even though I've paid NOT to have them. I would like to cancel the entire subscription.


Apr 22, 2024

Prelevement bancaire et Pay pal que je souhaite arreter definitivement !!!

Je ne souhaite plus beneficier de Ad BLock sur Chrome definitivement .Je vous demande d'arreter definitivement de prelever sur Paypal 1.99$ et 2.39 € tous les mois .J'ai deja supprimer cette extension de Chrome donc je ne m'en sers plus mais vous continuez a prelever ces sommes tous les mois Cela est tout a fait ANORMAL !!! Merci par avance de faire le necessaire

Rebecca Rodriguez

Feb 24, 2024

Remove subscriptions and all related services from my device

Please remove adblocker access to my device. Cancel subscription. Unsubscribe. Refund payment. Doesn't work. Misleading. Do not want service


Nov 18, 2023

whens the youtube fix

it has worked perfectly on every site except youtube recently, i know its not your guys fault but im just wondering if you have a plan to make it block the youtube ads?

Patsy Robertson

Nov 13, 2023

Please remove from my system

I don't want this service. Please refund my money.


Nov 5, 2023

ad blocker yt

fix your ad blocker bro it aint ad blocking

Sheila fleming

Nov 4, 2023

ad block

please remove the ad blocker from my computer

ivan dan

Oct 28, 2023

fix youtube abds

fix youtube abds

Jeanette Hammons

Oct 27, 2023

discontinue subscription

Please cancel my "Free" AdBlocker. I find your advertising to be misleading for the average person. Jeanette Hammons

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