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צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 4
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 1
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 1
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 2
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 3
צילום מסך של פריט מדיה 4

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משפר טוב עבור YouTube ™, YouTube Adblocker, Adblock עבור YouTube, Loop, חפש YouTube

AdBlocker for Youtube™ | Good Enhancer is auto ad skip, youtube ad blocker, hides ad banner. AdBlocker for Youtube™ | Good Enhancer can use free of charge by all internet users. As the name suggests, it is an application that blocks all ads on the YouTube platform. Looper When the Looper option is selected, the video you watch repeats continuously. The video comes to the end and starts again. - The Loop option is added automatically in the tool tab under the video. - It will be enough to press the loop button once. - After that, the video will repeat over and over. Auto HD for Youtube Alter quality of video on Youtube added With the new version. You can automatically adjust the quality of youtube videos. Quality of video on Youtube Use of: - Select the image quality from the extension ( quality selector for YouTube. Up to 8k/4k (60fps/50fps/48fps/30fps) supported) - Open video from YouTube site. - You will see that it automatically opens in the selected quality. Search With this feature, we can quickly search on youtube. - The word to be searched is selected. - Select search option with right mouse click. It is an AdBlocker for Youtube™ | Good Enhancer application with a huge team of the developer behind it. It is a tool that ensures that you do not see the ads that appear on the screen while watching videos on YouTube. A content filter and YouTube ad blocker that blocks all ads are available as a browser extension. Users can continue enjoying the video without viewing the advertisements on YouTube video. It also blocks intrusive ads and banner ads while watching videos. How to Install Extension? - Sign in to the Google search engine. - Type “Chrome Store” in the search bar. - Log in to the “Google Chrome Web” that comes up. Type “AdBlocker for Youtube™ | Good Enhancer” in the search field on the left. Choose one of the results you come across. - Just click on the “Add for Chrome” link on the page that opens. This extension is a content filtering and ad blocker browser extension that blocks all ads on Youtube™. It allows users to block the display of page elements such as ads. The banners you usually see, Ad Clips and even pre-run ads before the actual video is blocked by this extension. Features: ★ Blocks ads, banners and popups ★ Blocking of ads on external sites ★ Prevent preroll ads from being uploaded ★ No configuration. No messy lists to manage ★ Block all pre-roll video ads on all sites ★ Blocks banner/text ads throughout ★ Ultra fast plus very lightweight, will not slow you down ★ 100% Free & always updated ★ Looper ★ Quality ★ Fast Search Blocking benefits: ★ Improve browser speed ★ Improve page load speed ★ Decrease memory / CPU usage ★ Decrease bandwidth ★ Most importantly, save time by not looking at ads all day!

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Adblock For Youtube™ | YouApp


משפר טוב עבור YouTube ™, YouTube Adblocker, Adblock עבור YouTube, Loop, חפש YouTube

Adblock for YouTube™ — best adblocker


מודע לפרטיות, חסימת מודעות מאובטחת עבור YouTube™. חוסם פרסומות ב

Adblock for Youtube - ad blocker tool


Block any ads on Youtube videos. Adblock removes all intrusive ads: pre-roll video ads, text and banner ads. SponsorBlock for…

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