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casey carter

Feb 10, 2024

when i purchase items with the chrome link i dont get the investment

i click on activate when the pop up tells me i purchase the item and i don't receive any investments whats the issue with the chrome link

Robert Fisher

Nov 8, 2023

With draw

I do not have the bank account i opened with acorn. Which was years ago I can not get a statement the account was closed yaers ago nd I do not keep old statements lying around. And it will not let me upload a new account. So what am I supposed to do what say yiou.

Mr. Johnny Edward Wellons, II

Oct 17, 2023

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Erika Childers

Aug 10, 2023


How do I do a withdrawal from Acorn and put in my bank account?

Justin Flood

Aug 10, 2023

Chrome extension

Chrome extension isn't able to be downloaded

Scott Durr

Apr 30, 2023

Extension purchases/rewards not working

I have about $400 in automated purchases set up for Robinhood and never get my rewards in Acorns. Can you please let me know why this is and help me remedy the issue?

margaret cowden

Apr 18, 2023



stan carmack

Mar 25, 2023

need help on verifying - changing primary account

I cant verify my primary account. i want to use a different one but i cant get pass the verification of the 1st attempt of a primary account

Stephen Rhea

Mar 20, 2023

automatic deposits stopped

I had my account setup for automatic deposits, every month I get a notice there isn't enough money in the account to make a debit. However, there is plenty of money in the account to make the investment. Do you know why this is happening? I can't seem to find the reason why.

Audra Rodgers

Mar 19, 2023


As others have stated the Chrome extension is not working. I've removed then added it again--didn't help. Also, I've noticed I'm not getting the full use of extension for a while.
Can you please assist?


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