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Damian Sonek

Jul 29, 2023


I noticed a problem when working for a long time within one tab and editing fields, which resulted in the suspension of editing fields and no reaction to any clicks - be it editing fields or the WP bar on the left. It is also not possible to refresh the tab and the only option is to close it (or copy the link and paste it into a new tab). Any unsaved job is deleted.

Marc Weiser

Nov 17, 2022

Any plans to support ACF PRO Version 6+ ?

Any plans to support ACF PRO Version 6+ ? For example, Copy code with sub fields doesn''t copy the sub fields of a repeater anymore.

Aimee Vaughn

Nov 28, 2021




May 25, 2020

Browser history

The requirements for the extension just got updated, it can now view browser history. May I ask what that is used for?

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