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May 21, 2024

No longer works.

the extension has suddenly stopped working for me. I now have to accept all cookies myself.
I have already removed and reinstalled the extension without success.


Apr 18, 2024

Can you create a pause function?

I also experienced the same problem on the Arduino homepage.
That's okay. I understand. It is difficult to operate normally on all websites. Just, I want the ability to temporarily stop the action. I move to "chrome://extensions/", found your extension, stopped it, then went back to the Arduino homepage, clicked allow cookies manually, then move to "chrome://extensions/" again. /", then found your extension again, and then unfreezed it. If there was a pause function in the extension menu itself, I would pin the extension to the right of the address bar. If so, it would be very convenient.

Federico Ricchiuto

Dec 28, 2023

Problem with website

I've visited and struggled a bit to find out why I wasn't able to navigate, then remembered about this installed plugin. Once I disabled it, I was able to confirm the cookies and navigate correctly.
The problem is that before doing that, a mask was shown on the whole page, blocking all clicks. Cheers!

jing xia

Aug 25, 2023



Thomas F.

Jun 15, 2023

ESET malware warning

ESET sent me 2 malware warnings, that this addon is sending suspicious data.

Rubbel Katz

Apr 2, 2023

Always accept ALL cookies

I hate ads that are irrellevant for me. They upset my nervous system and waste my time. So I tend to compromise privacy to see relevant ads, which (sometime) are even useful.

Can I always accept ALL cookies by putting * on the whitelist?

Husain Dehnuwala

Feb 18, 2023

Accepts all cookies or only strictly necessary ones?

The description given is confusing.


Dec 1, 2022

Working principle?

I the add going to accept all the cookies or is it going to accept only essential ones?
How does it works?

Kind Regards,


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