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Lando Calani

Dec 7, 2023

This is honestly the best extension ever.

My only suggestion would be that you add an automatic tts that gets triggered inmediately after you look a word up so not only have a definition but also an idea of how it sounds, especially english, like as we now, isn't written as spoken. Good luck and thanks for making this app available for everyone. Wish you the best.

Lando Calani

Jan 6, 2023

Not currently working

I cannot use this useful extension anymore. It's recently been malfunctioning -- only a loading pop-up will appear in the upper-right corner of the screen. Any solution to this? Thanks for making this available!

Aikaterini M.

Jan 6, 2023

Stopped working

As others mentioned, it stopped working. Please fix it, it's the best translation extension.

Jean-Marc Vilarroya

Jun 18, 2022

Use of this extension on MACOS

Thank you for this extension.
I use different devices and I have no problem using the extension in windows neither in Linux. But on MAC. it's different, the shortcut CTRL-Q doesn't work and I do not find any key combination in order to invoke the extension.
Could you help, telling what is the shortcut in MACOS ?

Nube Pegajosa

Dec 28, 2021

Rigth click

Hi there!
Since middle of this year there was a extension which you could use right button of the mouse and select "Search it to", then when you clicked the word appeared in Wordreference. It was amazingly useful, because you went to the desired word in wordreference very fast. It works like "Search this word in Google..." right button.
Then this extension was eliminated some time ago.
I woul like to suggest this kind of use for your extension!
Thank you very much!


Oct 24, 2019


I had been using the Google Dictionary Chrome extension. With that extension, I just double-clicked a word to get the definition. With this Word Reference extension, I have to double-click a word to highlight it and then press CTRL + Q. Can you make this extension work simpler by just double-clicking a word, like one is able to do with the Google Dictionary? Thanks.


Apr 8, 2018

Cannot load conjugation page

When searching for French-English translation, clicking Conjuguer or Conjugueur de verbes it only shows "Your file is not found may be moved or deleted blabla"

Could you please fix it?


Jan 28, 2018

Audio Button

The button with which one can hear the translated word, seems to not be working.


Jan 15, 2018

Enter instead of click

When i type a word to get translated, i'd like the plugin to let a user hit enter instead of clicking `search` button.

Also, you could make the input text area to be automatically focused, when the extension is opened.

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