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Richard Morris

May 10, 2024

Missing Small Avatar on Homebrew Monster Broke All DnDBeyond Content

I had a private Homebrew monster (Demon Grinder) for which I had not added a small avatar image. Whenever it came up in a search or I opened the encounter folder that contained it, all of the the DnDBeyond monsters would disappear/become inaccessible.

For example, load the UI and search in tokens for "Hellwasp", the Hellwasp appears.
Search for "Demon G", the DnDBeyond folders now show as empty.
Search for "Hellwasp", the folders remain empty.

Once I added the small avatar, the problem stopped.

Jake Angelo

Apr 1, 2024

join as dm doesn't work

Curser shows loading circle for a brief moment, then stop. f12 console error saying something about "encounters" but i have no encounters on dnd beyond

Gregory Tate

Mar 28, 2024

Above VTT won't allow me to copy/paste notes from source books

In the last week or two, I can no longer cut and paste from the sourcebook to an icon on Above VTT. Most of my NPC icons have also turned into 'soap bubbles' with no faces. I have deleted Above VTT and reloaded it with no help to these problems. I have deactivated many campaigns to free up space, in case that were an issue. No help. I have gotten to the point that I'm looking at D&D Beyond Maps...but those are horrible. Please fix these issues.

andy noll

Mar 26, 2024

Game maps

Hi, I both DM and play but now when I try to join abovevtt with my character, it takes me to my character sheet instead of the game maps. when I click on the launch campaign on the character sheet it takes me to the new map location showing that the DM hasn't loaded any maps instead of to the campaign maps that the DM has loaded.


Mar 20, 2024

Roll modifiers not transferring from Beyond to VTT game log

When rolling on dndbeyond, the dice roll shows up on the VTT game log, but it does not add the modifiers.

will soles

Feb 21, 2024

Not connecting to DnD beyond content

For the last week I am not able top load monsters (regular) or homebrew I created on DnD beyond. I've been loving the platform but this is making it impossible to create encounters. Any suggestions?

Carlos Espinoza

Feb 12, 2024

Abovevttisn't showing any imported images/maps

i tried with google drive and imgur(both are public images).
i was using this feature saturday and it worked fine, but today i tried and does't work

LaRae Bakerink

Feb 4, 2024

Map not updating as the game is being played.

I have tried everything that has been suggested.
I've cleared cache and memory, refreshed the browser.
I even turned off my anti-virus program.
It still won’t work on my desktop.

It works fine on my laptop.

My desktop has a great video card and lots of memory. There should be no issues.
I’m very frustrated trying to play with 2 machines instead of just the one I want or having to refresh the browser every time someone moves. I can roll, I can see other rolls and the chat - only the map and movement on the map doesn't show real time.

Arjen Haiwatta

Jan 19, 2024

Showing rolls in gamelog

A "/hit 3d20kh1+DEX+PB-3" shows in gamelog as the 3 d20's added up. The shown result is correct.

Dex=3, PB=3
So: DEX+PB-3 = +3

Example: I roll 3d20 giving 6, 7 and 5 as result.
It should show as "(6,7,5)+3"
What is showing is "6+7+5+3"

Alpha Kilo

Jan 15, 2024


I can't access any sourcebook images, even the ones I own. The only images I can access are the ones added by the community. Is there anyway to solve this issue?

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