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Enrique Lairet

Jul 17, 2024

Request for Information on Discount Program for Our Company

My name is Enrique Lairet, and I am a representative of Kramer America Inc. / SmartLiner, a company specializing in the manufacturing of vehicle accessories. We are very interested in exploring the possibility of integrating our company into your discount program.
We have attempted to contact you through various channels without success, so we would greatly appreciate it if you could guide us on the process or provide us with the appropriate contact person to discuss this opportunity in more detail.
Below, I provide our basic information:
Company Name: Kramer America Inc.
Contact Person: Enrique Lairet
Title: General Manager
Contact Phone: 407 704.6740
Thank you in advance for your attention, and we look forward to your prompt response.
Best regards,
Enrique Lairet

Time “ReaL Won” IsAnIllusion

Jan 12, 2024

Unable to download extension onto chrome on my android tablet

I updated chrome google, refreshed , the play store says it unable to download it.


J Walter Gussner

Nov 30, 2023

Mature Driver Discount

I am 71 and AARP offers a Mature Driver Course. If I take it, do I qualify for a discount on my AAA car policy? If so, how much?

Heather Withers

Oct 6, 2023

I've misplaced my AAA membership card, but it should still be available in the system.When I renewed coverage, I bought the PREMIER option, but I still have not received my wallet card, whi h I always carry with me when driving anywhere.

Real, human question. I have not received my membership card.

Linda Wright

Jun 7, 2023


whats the code for discounts on motels

Daniel Barrier

Oct 1, 2022

AAA Discout

What is the discount code for AAA Operator to use

Elsie Bell

Sep 20, 2021

how to I sign up???

I don't see how I can sign up... here is my 6201112699587009
thank you. my e-mail

Kirk Saville

Sep 12, 2021

Is this a Google app?

everything I see indicates that it is a google app. not interested in having google controlled app on my phone, computer etc.

Diane Baum

Apr 21, 2021


It looks like this app has been installed, but I cannot tell if it has been activated. When I tried, it did not like the number that I put in, so I put it in without the last number and it also said it was the wrong number. What now? How can I check to see if it is activated?


Mar 15, 2021

Activation of AAA Extension

Before activation your information says it can read and CHANGE my information on website I visit. I do not want AAA to control my information on any website. Why do you think you should be given that authority to change my information?

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