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neɪ box

Apr 7, 2021

official speedruns

Hi there, I'm nei, one of the moderators for 2048 on We love your app, and would like to add it to our list of verified versions of the game for people to use and submit to the leaderboard. To do so, we would need to confirm that this version of the game performs the same as the original ( in terms of speed, as not to give players of this version an advantage. Are you able to tell whether or not your version expanded on the original source code, or if you wrote it from scratch? And if you did expand on the original, did you modify any code that would change animation speeds? Feel free to connect with us in our discord, Thanks for your time! nei

Brian Tay

Jan 8, 2021

Ban These Two Players

The top two players in this game (meilunyan and Starstruck) have 1.3k and 1.2k points respectively. However if you check their battle log, all they have been doing was playing that account against another of their accounts and farming rating by that. Please ban those two players.


Nov 2, 2020

The Report Feature

Hello, I have a question about the report feature after a match ends. What does this button do? Does it report the person then go to a report list to be checked? Or is this work in progress? Can you be banned from playing 2048? Thanks!! :)


Oct 12, 2020

My suggestion

I suggest a chat bar after you win/lose! But a filter to prevent people from cursing. If the user somehow bypasses this filter, a report can be sent out of the chat log. :)

вова серенко

Jul 24, 2020


как в онлаин катке сдаться

Alexander Avdeev (numcard)

Feb 21, 2020

Можно сделать игру на полный экран?)

Здравствуйте. Можно сделать игру на полный экран? Играю с компьютера. Спасибо


Dec 23, 2019


when is the next update coming?


Nov 8, 2019


if u have the same # of points as 2 other people does ur spot on the leaderboard switch with the 2 other people randomly or is their another way to be ranked higher than someone else with the same amount of points?

Jacob Dreer

May 16, 2019

cant download it

it doesn't let me download it

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 18, 2019

I added the wrong account to it

I have reinstalled the game 3 times and it still adds the account to it when i want a different account to it how do i fix

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