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Jeffrey Lacouture

Jan 21, 2018

Open Source?

Can you open source this extension so it may be community supported?

Mick Weirdscience

Dec 1, 2017

Browsing History

Why does the extension need access to the browsing history?

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 13, 2017

Permission to read browser history?

I see that this extension has permission to to read browser history. Please disable that.

Don Whitaker

Nov 9, 2017

Tweetdeck support/

Works well on Twitter website. but I'd like it to work on TweetDeck, too.

Christian Deegan

Nov 8, 2017

Things You Probably Already Thought Of

Again, great extension, but a few initial ideas for future versions:

1. Highlight characters over the limit in red like classic twitter to make editing to get under the limit easier
2. It may not be possible, but finding a way to change the wheel into "characters remaining" and "characters over" counter would be great
3. Some sort of url shortener or feature that discounts url characters against the limit

Christian Deegan

Nov 8, 2017

A Few Bugs

First, this is a great extension, but I'd like to help by noting a few problems I've discovered.

1. Limit seems to actually be 120 characters, not 140
2. Once you hit 140, you can't use Ctrl+A to select all
3. The limit doesn't seem to apply to hard returns -- I can hit Enter as many times as I want wherever I want when I hit the limit

Laura Lalas

Nov 8, 2017

Might as well

So what? Hide half the message that's your clever idea?

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