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IL mono mono

May 21, 2024

no funciona el bloqueador

por mas que instalo y desinstalo el blockeador no funciona.

Kabir Brar

May 18, 2024

Seems to now only work on "" instead of ""

As mentioned in the title, the button only shows up on "" URLs instead of equivalent "" URLs. It used to work on both (or at least on the twitter domain in particular) as of a week or so ago.

Austin Ewald

Apr 30, 2024

looking at own followers list does not show the block button

when i look at whos following me, it does not show the block button like it does everywhere else. i also hope you can make it where it would show how many people they follow without having to hover over them.

Sebastian Bodden

Feb 28, 2024

block users that share certain content or follow certain users.

I would love an extension that blocks users that share certain content or follow certain users. In Germany Twitter is full with right-wing people that flood posts with their right-wing content.

Most of the users (lots of them are probably fake accounts) regularly share content from a right-wing party (AfD) or right-wing magazines.

Are there any plans to add some functionality like that?

RJ Lalumiere

Aug 22, 2023

Additional block locations?

This is no joke one of my favorite extensions, but I think it would be even better if one could also block accounts via their "pop up on hover" bios and in the "You might like" section. Well, and anywhere else that usernames show up, but those are the two I'm constantly wishing for.

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