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A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 31, 2016

New Colors!

Today 0h h1 changes to red and yellow. Very ugly! How do I get back to the original colors?

I love 0h h1 bye the way. Please restore the colors.

Chuck Pergiel

Feb 28, 2015

Chromebook display

My Chromebook is connected to my desktop display via the HDMI port. Most things work pretty well with this arrangement. This game (Oh h1) and Google's Files App do not. When invoked, they show up on the Chromebook's screen, but not on the external display.

maria helena romo

Feb 8, 2015


por favor en espanol

Yolandanoemi Benitez

Feb 3, 2015


traducir al español

cipriano colonna

Jan 15, 2015


versione in italiano

Kerry Lyons

Jan 7, 2015

All chrome apps

Since I restored my computer, I can't download anything, but I REALLY want to play this game again... always fascinating.



Nov 24, 2014



Joey Marino

Nov 23, 2014

Game doesn't start

I click on the screen and nothing happens.

Geoffrey Acheson

Nov 21, 2014

Game doesn't scale down on restore.

The game doesn't appear to scale down after the window is maximized then restored. Starting a new game fixes the problem. Using Chrome OS.

Joshua Kuswadi

Nov 21, 2014

How do I start the game?

How do I start the game?

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