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Patrina Gonçalves da Silva

Jul 13, 2021


eu quero esse painel pro meu google chrome agora

Shani Leatham

Dec 9, 2020

I cant remove it! :c

Please help me remove this i dont need it anymore im so scared i didnt even mean to!!!

escobedo cortez jesus gabriela

Nov 29, 2020

no lo puedo remover

no lo puedo remover y o me gusto y esta raro

Pablo Matthews

Aug 11, 2020

fondo de chorme

no puedo ponerlo como fondo :(

Mihal Camhi

Jun 16, 2020

Why can I not delete this?

I want to delete it!


Mar 28, 2020


theme is not set on the home screen

Christine Tremblay

Oct 3, 2019


je choisi celui ci mais n,apparait aucunement

Allyson Leal

Aug 2, 2019

i want to get rid of it

i am trying to remove the extention from my laptop and it wont let me delete it how can you help me delete it

Michela Pellizzer

Apr 14, 2019

Un aiuto

Buongiorno non riesco a impostare questo tema nel mio computer potrebbe aiutarmi grazie infinite.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 20, 2019

to it's ugly dude

bro don't say that :(

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