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Maria Roseane Camara

Mar 3, 2023

papel de parede no google

papel de parede no google agora

Gameboy Diamond

Jul 19, 2022


can't remove

Valería katherine Contreras

Sep 24, 2021

por q no se pone el fondo de la foto en mi computadora

no se pone la foto en la pantalla de mi computador

Kethan Vegunta

Jan 13, 2021

Dark Theme Chrome Not Working with This Theme

Hi, chrome dark theme does not work with the theme. Whenever I install the theme, chrome turns to light theme. It would be great if you could fix this!

Moises Guzman

Apr 28, 2020




Sep 9, 2019

its not working

evertime i go on the web store

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 17, 2019

pic not set on crome

cant get pic to crome

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 20, 2018

cant get pic to chrome

cant get picture to chrome

Bruce Kilbourne

Oct 4, 2018

reduce size of dog and cat image?

reduce size of dog and cat image? It is losing a great deal of the image at it's present size.

Karen Duff

Jul 26, 2018

It doesn't show up

I have downloaded 3 other themes and none of them are showing up on my Google page.

Google apps