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Charis Martínez

Apr 4, 2024

no se ve el fondo elegido. se pone todo en blanco

de repente se ve blanca la página. y lo quito y vuelvo a poner y no se ve. de hecho borró las páginas que tenía guardadas en el inicio de página

Darin Christensen

Oct 11, 2023

Flying Paint theme.

The problem is that for some reason flying paint is broken and no matter what I have thought of to fix it has failed. Please fix it as soon as possible. Thank you

Bryan Mesteth

Sep 11, 2023

itlooks cool

Natives themselves won't fall for anything thats makes them happy. Thats what makes us, the people the way we are..should we just wanna make the money last tbh.. For Larry, and his good ideas and innovateding style, we should keep going.

Leslie Warmoth

Jun 14, 2023

Flying Paint Theme "Object"

There is an object in the right side of the picture, don't know what it is...maybe a bean or a backpack? Google Lens could not identify either. I will try to isolate and send but may not be able too. Does anyone else know what it is?

Veronica Gil Candela

May 21, 2023

no me deja poner mi foto personalizado

antes de la actualizacion que tenia , tuve una foto de fondo y no me deja ponerla como lo queria , antes

be kay

May 1, 2023

flying paint theme

Also not working 5/1/23, cmon google, this is coding 101....

Gary Sturgeon

Mar 4, 2023

Harassment by security

Security is harassing me again! Won't let me access my passwords when I did everything right. Not the first time.

Anastacia Taunton

Mar 2, 2023

downloaded, but not working

i downloaded the flying paint theme, but i have a grey header and white background only... its not working. but when i came to try to figure it out, i realize this is a common problem, seeing how nearly all the comments are the exact same thing. sad, bc its such a gorgeous idea. im deleting.

jose marquez

Dec 20, 2022


feliz noche , amigos a mi me descargo sin problemas y hasta descargue la imagen , solo me gustaría es conseguirla en una mayo resolución

Jennie Cramer

Sep 1, 2022

flying paint

put flying paint on my google chrome book and all I have is a white page, doesn't work so I'd like to delete it please

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