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Peter Svensson

Jan 17, 2024

EARTH and MOON and a move to Perfection.

For me the picture is very beautiful & everything works perfectly!
It's only one thing I miss a lot.
I wish you could make the number of shortcuts flexible.
I would prefer 15-20 shortcuts, and I would really have big use for them daily.
Perfect would be if the user could click an alternative number between 2 & 20.
It can hardly be more than 20, if one wish to keep the charm & content of the image.

/ Peter

Johnny H Estrella

Feb 9, 2023

email reply

my gmail is not letting me send or reccive emails what can i do to fix this setting option

Ms. Carolyn “Bunny”

Aug 17, 2022

Theme Extension STILL does not work

I have done as suggested, open and closed Chrome many many times and still the extension of your theme will not change. In fact, even though it said it installed successfully, it does not show up on my extension list. It did however change my colors and now I cannot change them back. What is going on here? Please advise.

Ms. Carolyn “Bunny”

Jul 30, 2022

Theme is NOT working

I placed your theme on my Google, as instructed, it shows in my account it has been chosen, but it will not work. WHY NOT? It took me a long time to find this theme and now it won't work, none of your themes work !!!!!!!! Ridiculous !!

nikunj gajera

Jun 26, 2022

theme is not applying

When open crome new theme is removed and again old theme is applied.


Feb 23, 2022

theme picture

I chose a theme for the chrome, but it won't change to the theme from the previous theme. How do I get it to show on the home page?

Nina D

Jan 15, 2022


I chose a theme for google chrome, but it won't change to it from the previous theme. How do I get it to show on the home page?

liliana marcano

Nov 7, 2021


Help me, I can't remove the extension, tell me how?

Vytautas Jakutis

Oct 19, 2021

Not working

I try to install, but it shows CHECKING... and nothing happens

Franco Tollardo

Sep 26, 2021

Extension removal

Earth and Moon extension is detected on my Chrome by GUARDIO, but is (nor it was) NOT installed. What's going on? In any case I want it removed from my computer......

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